London: 020 3371 1080


Herts: 01727 572 020


We work with:

  • Primary supply teachers
  • Secondary supply teachers
  • Cover supervisors
  • Teaching assistants
  • Nursery nurses in primary Schools and private setttings
  • School administration staff
  • Exam invigilators
  • Overseas teachers wanting work in London and Hertfordshire


We offer:

  • Permanent teaching roles
  • Long term supply teaching placementsin London and Hertfordshire
  • Daily supply teaching cover in London in Hertfordshire


Your Registration interview:

All candidates are required to attend a registration interview at their local Ampersand Education branch when wishing to work as a supply teacher or teaching assistant. As well as completing all the compulsory checks needed to enter an education setting, this is also an opportunity for candidates to discuss with their dedicated consultant their experience, the type of work wanted and to ask any questions.
The reason why we term this part of the process “registration interview” rather than just “registration” is that Ampersand Education has very high standards, and as such any candidate we accept into our pool of staff has to be motivated and able to demonstrate the skills needed to succeed as a member of our pool.

As soon as your interview is completed, we start work on completing all relevant checks so you are available to work in the quickest possible time.
When your pack is completed, you will receive a call from the Ampersand Education support team or your consultant to tell you the good news.
Please ensure you call us regularly to update your availability to work when your pack is completed.

DBS Checks:

Where possible, Ampersand Education will seek to confirm any existing DBS check you hold (via the DBS Checking Service). If this is not possible, we require an online DBS check is completed. This DBS is yours, and can be used across multiple roles if you subscribe to the checking service. If you work for 20 days with us, we will pay a bonus amount that covers your costs.

Ampersand Education make absolutely no money on the processing of DBS checks, and you pay the DBS directly.


Head office: Coppergate House, 16 Brune Street, London, E1 7NJ

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